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Treasures, restoration and memories

May 11, 2021 1 min read

It’s not always priceless heirlooms that bring us the most joy, but objects that hold deep memories within.
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Why making memories is more relevant than ever

Why making memories is more relevant than ever

February 17, 2021 2 min read

Lockdown may seem like the last thing you want to remember, but the need to make positive memories is arguably more important than ever. From Jamie Cullum to personalised jewellery, uncertain times give rise to unique moments.
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Frequently Asked Questions


You can either order in person through your local jeweller, or you can order online. When ordering with a jeweler, you will be able to view samples of fingerprint jewelry, handprint and footprint jewelry, original writing and drawing jewelry.

The clarity of the print depends on age. It can be possible to get a really good fingerprint from even as young as 4 months. When we take the print for you, we will show you the print to make sure you are happy.

Your jewellery will be made by your local Smallprint Jeweller who has been fully trained in the art of making our gorgeous keepsakes. As the original fingerprint jewellery company, we are committed to keeping these truly precious pieces individually hand made rather than cast or engraved by machines.

With our Original Fingerprint range, fingerprints can be taken directly onto your piece of jewellery or via a silicon mould (introduced during the 2020 Covid-19 outbreak). The direct fingerprint method means that you get the best possible print in terms of detail, shape and that your piece has been touched by your loved one.

Yes, our pieces are made from sterling silver.

Jewellery Care

You can remove light tarnish using the polishing cloth your received with your piece of jewellery. If your piece becomes more tarnished, polish with silver polish. Chains can be cleaned by using a silver dip available at most hardware stores. It takes seconds and they will come out sparkly and new. Do not dip the printed piece as this will remove the antiquing from the print and the engraving.